How To Add Whatsapp Share Button In Your Website

As Whatsapp popularity Increases Day by day. Website Owners start to integrate features related to WhatsApp on their website.
Later, WhatsApp doesn’t provide a Perfect solution for a publisher to integrate WhatsApp share button in their website.
But Now, due to an increase in demand for a perfect solution for the publisher, WhatsApp provide us API which helps a lot of publishers to get the benefit of it.

whatsapp share button

The Main benefit of this WhatsApp API is that it helps the user to send a text to any no. in there contact list or you can use this button to contact your users.
If you don’t know How to use WhatsApp to contact your user here an chat box for your website which helps to direct contact with your message.
Providing Your Whatsapp No. for Your User will help you create more trust between you and your user. Basically, you’re giving them your personal phone no. Because WhatsApp doesn’t hide your phone No. in their API.

Add Whatsapp Share button In any Website

You Don’t Need any High Coding Knowledge To integrate Whatsapp share button in your website. Just need a little knowledge to about “How to make an anchor link”
simple WhatsApp sharing link
Below You can see simple anchor link which can help you to share anything your post.

<a href=""> SHARE ON WHATSAPP</a>

Add Above code inside your post you can use CSS to decorate it, Edit TEXT_YOU_WANT_TO_SHARE with words you want to show when people click on this link also don’t forget to add your post-URL.
JavaScript created WhatsApp sharing link
If you don’t want to edit WhatsApp share a link each time you publish your app then use javascript to auto insert post data inside your link.

<a id='whatsapp' href=''>Share on Whatsapp</a>
var link = document.getElementById('whatsapp');
var posttitle = document.getElementsByTagName("title")[0].innerHTML;

var posturl = window.location.href;
link.href=""+ posttitle +" " + posturl;

Above Script automatically add Your Post title and URL in your share link, Here’s how your post title and url saw before sharing on whatsapp.

whatsapp share link

(Look Cool!)
To Improve your whatsapp link preview don’t forget to add open graph inside your post, so you can get more click on whatsapp.

Final Words

Use whatsapp share button to increase more engagement in your post from whatsapp.
Use this cool feature from whatsapp to grow your audiance base fast. If you’ve any query than don’t forget to comment below. I’ll answer them soon.

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