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Simplex | Clean, Responsive, Simple and Fast Blogger Template

By Ajay Malik
Simplex | Clean, Responsive, Simple and Fast Blogger Template Simplex | Clean, Responsive, Simple and Fast Blogger Template
Simplex is a Highly Responsive, Clean, Simple, Lightweight and Search Engine Optimized Blogger Template. It is available in free and paid version. Simplex is a multicolour supported blogger template. It is Easy to install and Setup.
simplex blogger template
Let's Discuss Some of the main features of Simplex Clean Blogger Template.

Simple and Clean

Simplex is a Simple and Clean template, it is a one colour template but you can change the colour of the whole template by one line code.
Simple UI Feel great for Professional Website and small blogs. Different colour on the white background is the main specification of this website.

LightWeight and Fast

Simplex is highly optimized for Speed, It doesn't use any external library and CSS and JS is minified with world's best tools. It Loading time is less than 2s without google adsense ads.

Responsive and Mobile Friendly

Google Announces its mobile-first update which ranks mobile optimized website first. Simplex Utilize three media query for different devices it is optimized for desktop, mobile and tablets and highly responsive. It shows navbar in desktop and sidebar in mobile and template.

User Ready

You don't need any Coding skill to edit this Template. It is User Ready and Easy to install. All link can Be Edited Directly from Dashboard.

Feature Comparision

Let's compare feature of free and paid version of the simplex template.


$ 0



Editor's Choice!

  Free Download Buy Now
Support include customization, More shortcodes, extra features, Need any other component and fixing issue 24x7 Support
Encrupted HTML Messy Code, Un-understandable HTML and JS not easy to edit from HTML Editor Encrupted HTML
Footer Credit Removing Footer credit from free theme will redirect your blog to buildinbit.com Can't Removed Can be changed or remove
Multicolor Support Change Color of whole theme by chaning one line code in your HTML editor Available
Future Update Provide User-Friendly Update Each Month with updated and Optimized HTML and New Features Monthly Update
Chat With Developer We Provide You Our Whatsapp No or Hangout No. to direct chat with you and fixing your problem Available

Notice! - Indian User can Pay Via Paytm or UPI and International User can Pay Via paypal. Contact us Here is you've any query Regarding this template or any doubt.
July 02, 2018 2018-07-03T08:39:04Z


  1. Your table is popping the template in mobile view...http://tinyimg.io/i/H5nGq8w.png

    1. I Try to Fix this. Thanks for letting me know :)