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Kustom is the highly customizable premium blogger template which is highly Optimized for Search Engine(SEO), Social Media, Mobile Devices (Responsive), Speed and UX (User experience).

You can change sidebar side to the right, or left, or even can remove it directly from the dashboard. Also, you can change the color of the whole Theme in a Single click. Moreover, you can change the width of content and sidebar directly from the dashboard.
Kustum is Simple and Can support Website Like Blog & Article Publishing.


Kustum is Layout Ready

You can Customize Kustum in any way you want.

Kustum is a Highly Customizable Blogger Theme and a Theme which comes with many options to control Layout.

You can Change The Side of Widget Sidebar to Left or Right According to Your Need Directly From Your Dashboard.
kustum layout
You can Even Remove Sidebar to make a full-width template which can be used to make content wider and amazing.

Change the Width of Content of Content or Sidebar Directly From Blogger Dashboard.

Change Look of the theme in your Own way…

Kustum is highly Customizable

Kustum is a theme, which is way more customizable than any other blogger template.

You can control layout width & display in a single click.

Also, Kustum provides you with the option to change theme color in a single Click.

You can change the Color of the Whole theme in a single click, Choose whatever color you want.
color kustum
You can add Widgets and rearrange them Directly from Dashboard. No Need for Coding required.

Kustum provides you with the option to Change Menu items and links Directly From the dashboard.

You can also Change the background of the various section from Dashboard > Customize.

Kustum Is fast

Kustum is One of them Most Fastest Blogger Theme You ever found on the Internet.

It Doesn’t Use an external library such as Jquery, Bootstrap, Flaticons or any heavy external script and CSS which increase page size.
kustum speed
It uses Two of them fastest Google Font which doesn’t affect your loading it that much.

Because Google Officially Announced that Speed is important for SEO that’s why I try My hardest to make Kustum fast as I can.

This is a Minimal theme with least amount of HTML, CSS, and JS.

All Element of this theme made up of Pure HTML, CSS, and JS & arranged in a manner so that they provide maximum speed.

Kustum is SEO Optimized

It is the most SEO Optimized Theme You ever saw.

I’m not saying this, as usual, I’m a Technical SEO and Worked for many Clients all around the world with 100% customer satisfaction.

kustom seo

It is Created according to best SEO practices, Every aspect of this template optimized for SEO by keeping in mind that user doesn’t have to search “How to optimize Blogger theme for SEO”.

I added Schema Markup along with microformat,

You don’t get any issue in your webmaster related to Schema markup or missing author or updated.

Highly Responsive

This theme uses Different media queries for Different Devices.

Its Support All Devices Such as High-End Displays, Desktops, Tablets, Mobile (Portrait) and Mobile (landscape).

You Don’t need to Worry About Mobile First Google Update Because this theme is Highly Responsive.

responsive custom

It has Two Navigation Menu for Mobile Version, One is Sidebar and Other is  Dropdown.

All Tap targets are of moderate size and you don’t have to worry about these issues anymore.

Any Query?

If You’ve any query regarding This theme than comment Below. I’ll answer it soon

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  1. Piyush Suthar

    I have never seen such a fast theme like this one, except the one you used for universal manual… And about customization , please make a video and show…

    • Ajay Malik

      Thanks for Feedback! I will look out for your suggestion

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