Sprinkly | A Ghost Inspired WordPress Template

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Sprinkly Is a Simple, Grid Layout, highly Customizable, Speed Optimized, Search Engine Optimized (SEO) and Ghost Inspired Wordpress Template. You can Use it for Your Blog, it Provides Best reading Experience To Your User and Highly Responsive. it Supports Tablets, Mobiles, Desktops and fits on All Screen Sizes.

It Comes With Inbuilt Customization and Speed Optimization Option and Loads In Less than a Second, if Hosted on a Fast Cloud Service it can Loads in 100ms as well.


Best Full-Width Template For WordPress

Ghost is one of The Best Full-Width Template, Which Provide Best Reading Experience to a Use Who Love to read the Article Without Any Crap

If you are a Content Lover and Won’t care about Anything else, then Here’s One of Best Full-Width Template Which provide Best Reading experience with innovative UX

Sprinkly is Inspired from A Theme From ghost platform, which highly focuses on content writers


Speed Optimized Sprinkly

If your User Love Your Content more than anything else than they must want to to be load quickly

Sprinkly is the fastest Loading Template you have seen. Everybody love Speed, So do we…

Sprinkly Don’t Come With Any External library Such as Bootstrap, Jquery, Flaticons or any external CSS and script.

It also comes self-hosted Google Ubuntu Font and Use SVG For Icons.

We Use RAIL Model to Optimize Sprinkly For Speed. Which Mean, its first Paint time is less than 1s

sprinkly mobile test

Sprinkly Mobile Test Report

sprinkly desktop test

Sprinkly Desktop Test Report

Don’t believe us? Go check By Yourself…

Sprinky Scores 100/100 In google Speed Insight for Post and Pages and 99/100 for Index Pages such as a blog, archive, date pages.


Sprinkly is Highly Customizable

You Don’t need to Learn Coding If you are running a website. Platform Like WordPress Make it very Easy.

Do You Know Coding?

…I’m sure you didn’t. Because that’s why you are Here.

Sprinkly Don’t Need Any Coding knowledge to Set it up. You can Customize it easy directly From Your Dashboard.

You can Do amazing things Directly From Your WordPress Dashboard. Such as Changing header gradient Color, or using an image as header background or adding social links.

All things can be done very easily and Smoothly Directly From WordPress Dashboard.

Sprinkly Is Responsive

Sprinkly is highly Responsive WordPress Theme, It Uses Five Different Media Query to Support All Types of Devices.

No Matter, What orientation your audience use to Read your Amazing article.

…it Supports High-End Displays, Desktops, Tablets, Mobile(landscapes), Mobile(portrait)

Sprinky is highly mobile friendly and uses a scrollable horizontal menu which seems amazing in all devices.

sprinkly responsive

GIF Showing responsive sprinkly theme

All tap targets are of moderate size, you don’t get any problem related to mobile in your webmaster.

If your mobile audience is huge, Than Sprinkly is one of the best themes for you.

Sprinkly is Search Engine Optimized(SEO)

Sprinkly Is Highly Optimized For Search Engine. you wanna know what’s special in it?

It Comes With Inbuilt Microdata and Schema markup and gives you option to customize them directly from the dashboard

You Know it is optimized for Speed, Which is one of The SEO Ranking Factor…So you won’t have to worry about it

Sprinkly is Mobile Friendly you don’t need to worry about Mobile First Update Either

It serves Content is the best possible way. So, forget the user experience Issue too.

Sprinkly is the Best SEO Simple WordPress Theme You ever saw.

Don’t Believe my word. try it by yourself, you are gonna love it


I Miss Something?

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